Cliff White

Guitar player, MIDI guitar tweaker, computer geek

Me having fun live in a basement
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 Read about Linux clustering with Open LDAP in  this somewhat old article

In Real Life: I'm an old guitar player, and a lifetime geek/hardware freak. I work with Linux,  I'm experienced with testing and becoming more experienced with multimedia.  I've done radio and video. I live with cats.

OnTape: Always looking for people to do some musics with. Contact me ->cliffw at

Biographical Stuff: I'm putting up this Web page for musical purposes, so i'll not bore you with the sordid details of my Real Life.  I am a guitar player, been so all of my days. Started out playing Bluegrass and Old-Time music, backed up many a fiddler. Fiddle contests led me to Texas Swing and the music of Bob Willis and others like him. From the Texas Playboys it was but a short jump to Charlie Christian and proto-jazz guitar. Learned to read, write and follow a baton 'cause i wanted to be Howard Roberts. That job was already taken so i spent some time in the pits, looking for the olives..  Relocated to wonderful Portland, Oregon and finally got a Real Day Job. (It happens)  This sudden increase in income allowed me to start Blasted Ruin Studios and move into the wonderful world of Midi guitar. So it goes...

Bands i've been part of A list of incredibly silly band names.
Virgin Buffalo
The Rodney Street All-Star String Band
No Strings Attached
The New Cimarron Swingsters
The Same Band
The Four Sluggos
The StreetPeople Revue
The Oreos
The Big Nurse Band